Customisation and DIY

We are proud to provide an extensive selection of customisation options, allowing us to precisely tailor our products to meet individual requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

A Selection of Materials

The usage of different raw materials dictates a lot...
Different materials offer distinguished advantages.
Strength and load-bearing capacity, corrosion
resistance, weight resistance, temperature
resistance, electrical resistance, magnetic
resistance, and cost and availability are all unique
properties that different materials can offer and are
thus suited to specific applications..

We offer but are not limited to the following...

Carbon Steel (including below C1022)
Stainless Steel (SS302, 304, SS316, SS410...)
Titanium Alloy


The use of different head types in screws allows for versatility and customization, ensuring that screws can meet the diverse needs and requirements of various applications while also enhancing their overall performance and efficiency. We believe offering customers the option to customize according to their needs is a big part of our beliefs as different head types serve multiple purposes, with each contributing to the functionality and convenience of various applications, such as security and tamper resistance, ease of use and speed, and torque and load distribution...


TM Hardware customers can choose from a large
selection of coatings, platings, painted, and other
surface treatments.

We offer but are not limited to the following...

Electroplating, Mechanical Alloy Coating,
Phosphate, Electropolyseal, Dacrotasing,
Mechanical Galvanising, Hot Dip Galvanising, Nickle
Plating, Black Oxidation, Plaining...

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